Julien Hawle

After a Bachelor in Business Administration, Julien Hawle is currently completing his Master in Entrepreneurship at the University of Liechtenstein. In 2016 he came into contact with the topics blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the first time and has been working on their potential ever since. Since March 2018 he has been working for Bank Frick – currently as the Head Blockchain Lab. In addition, he regularly prepares crypto market reports for AWP and advises Swiss CV Labs AG as an expert for blockchain and banking.

18 December 2018
After the initial gold rush for cryptocurrencies, disillusionment has now spread and the realisation that only a rocky path leads to mature markets. The prerequisite for this is experienced investors whose understanding extends beyond the established buzzwords. Bitcoin, Ether and Monero are among the most popular digital currencies, and their analysis marks another step in...