Ulf Wiger

Ulf Wiger became one of the first commercial users of Erlang. In 1996, he joined Ericsson and became Chief Designer of the AXD 301 development, arguably one of the most complex system ever built in Erlang. Ulf has been involved in products based on the AXD 301 architecture, and has been an active member of the open source Erlang community. In February 2009 he became CTO of Erlang Solutions. He is currently working on the æternity blockchain.

7 February 2019
Ulf Wiger is responsible for the development of the aeternity blockchain based on the Erlang programming language. He was one of Erlang’s first commercial users in the early 1990s, before joining Ericsson to work alongside Erlang inventor Joe Armstrong. As a veteran in this field, the Swedish programmer talks about the beginnings of Erlang, great...