5 March 2020
From bank to platform
As in many areas, digitisation is one of the megatrends in banking. In addition to individual measures such as Robo-Advisory and specific CRM solutions, the core banking system is at the heart of a good digitisation strategy. Michael Dolzer, Chief Operating Officer of Bank Frick, on the challenges of such systems, the consistent focus on...
5 March 2020
Von der Bank zur Plattform
Wie in vielen Bereichen ist die Digitalisierung auch im Banking einer der Megatrends. Neben Einzelmassnahmen wie Robo-Advisory und spezifischen CRM-Lösungen befindet sich dabei das Kernbankensystem im Mittelpunkt einer guten Digitalisierungsstrategie. Michael Dolzer, Chief Operating Officer von Bank Frick, über die Herausforderungen solcher Systeme, die konsequente Fokussierung auf relevante Prozesse und den Wandel von der Bank...
25 September 2019
Die Beschleunigung des Finanzplatzes
Neue Technologien bewirken seit jeher die Optimierung von Prozessen und deren Geschwindigkeit – dies gilt in besonderem Masse für den Finanzsektor, der durch den Siegeszug der Blockchain-Technologie neues Innovationspotenzial freilegen konnte. Alex Brunner erzählt in seinem Buch «Crypto Nation» die Geschichte dieser Entwicklung in Liechtenstein und der Schweiz und erläutert die Implikationen für hiesige Akteure: Von Fintechs bis zu etablierten Banken.
20 March 2019
Strong Customer Authentication | PSD2 series #3
In 2019, the banking industry will continue its evolution toward a more digital, secure, open and interoperable global banking system – enhancing customer digital experience. Strong Customer Authentication specific Requirements Technical Standards (SCA-RTS) will therefore be a major issue for payment initiation, processing of electronic payment, protection of financial data access, and other financial services....
5 December 2018
Promoting payment innovation and adjusting legal requirements | PSD2 series #2
Account-servicing payment service providers (ASPSP) such as banks are de facto payment service providers (PSP). PSD2 creates new licences for TPP, allowing them to provide new types of financial services, licenced processes and audits. This article reviews the general rules and requirements for registering a PSP and analyses the implications of the new licences for...
31 July 2018
What are PSD2’s direct impacts on banking business? | PSD2 series #1
Administered by the European Commission to regulate all payment service providers, the 2018 Payment Service Directive 2 serves new providers increasing pan-European competition, regulating their participation and harmonizing consumer protection. Liechtenstein therefore has a role to play to enhance transparency and traceability of payment transactions – both as a bridge between EU/EEA/Switzerland thus becoming the...
22 May 2018
«Fear of new technologies can be an obstacle»
In an interview with the online magazine BTC-ECHO, Hubert Büchel explained why other banks are still sceptical about blockchain technology, why a bank is ideal for the safekeeping of cryptoassets and why not every exchange can trade security tokens. Custodian for crypto assets BTC-ECHO: Mr Büchel, can you explain to us what exactly a custodian...