8 October 2018
Pragmatism in the blockchain hype
His priority used to be guest hospitality, but today Michael Dolzer is at the forefront of technological development at Bank Frick. He believes that soon everyone in Liechtenstein will be paying with cryptocurrency. “I’m Head of Business Technologies and Innovation Management,” says Michael Dolzer, introducing himself. Upon seeing the clueless look on my face he...
17 September 2018
«Specialisation in niches is becoming more important»
In her interview with “next-step”, the magazine of the Liechtenstein Office for Vocational Training and Counselling, Melanie Gstöhl spoke about career planning, new technology and why she treats herself to something good. next-step: Melanie Gstöhl, when you worked at Bank Frick over 10 years ago as an employee in what was then the Finance and...