12 April 2019
Religion on the blockchain
For more than 2,000 years, believers around the world have been celebrating Easter, the Feast of the Resurrection, as a holiday in accordance with different traditions. The messages and processes have remained almost identical, although the Church endeavours to keep up with the times, even if in small steps. Its audience is largely ahead of...
21 January 2019
Private debt – more capital market, less bank
Even in times of low interest rates, investors look for ways to diversify their portfolios in the hope of achieving attractive returns. This is a situation which Bank Frick – with its focus on intermediaries – also has to address. At the same time, SMEs are increasingly having problems with financing due to their valuation...
15 November 2018
«Digitalisation does not work without a change in culture»
Mathias Gläser is Vice-Chairman of the Swiss chapter of the CDO Club and thus chief networker of the guild of chief digital officers (CDOs). In the Bank Frick blog, he talks about digital islands, the pioneering role of the industrial sector in the area of digitalisation and the important pilot function of CDOs at companies....