24 April 2019
Cybercrime and crypto
Nowadays, cybercrime is often mentioned in the same breath as crypto assets such as bitcoin and Ether. While this may be understandable given the much-quoted anonymity of such assets, the question remains whether they really are a suitable target for fraudsters. After all, authorities and financial intermediaries are still able to trace and analyse payment...
19 November 2018
Sustainability is a must
The third record summer in this still relatively new century ensured that it is not only environmental activists, scientists and isolated media or politicians who are highlighting climate issues. The topic has finally become part of the mainstream. For many people, their enjoyment of the nice weather is tempered by worries about the future. Melting...
4 July 2018
Any good blockchain law is a night watchman law
Liechtenstein is drafting the first legislation to regulate business models founded on blockchains. A well-considered, pragmatic law is useful for the blockchain sector and good for Liechtenstein as a business location. It provides a firm basis. But things keep moving quickly in the blockchain world. The first reaction could be to reject out of hand...