6 May 2020
Why tokenisation and STOs are changing the investment world for the better
The widespread international adoption of blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally change the finance industry. Lending, payments, remittances, identity management and the investment industry all benefit from a massive boost in innovation – with the tokenisation of assets contributing its part. In this light, the character of Security Token Offerings (STOs) has to be...
10 July 2019
STOs als Mittel zur Early-Stage-Finanzierung?
Nach der Wild-West-Phase und zahlreichen Skandalen, in deren Zentrum sich Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) noch 2018 befanden, sind Security Token Offerings (STOs) als regulierte Variante die logische Entwicklung, von der alle Marktteilnehmer profitieren. Im Rahmen der Kapitalaufnahme für Projekte und Unternehmen bieten diese grundsätzlich eine schnelle und günstige Finanzierungslösung, doch sollte auch hier jeweils eine...
25 February 2019
From ICOs to token offerings
While more funds were collected with initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2018 than ever before, the still relatively young market remained exposed to considerable influences. Following significant price losses and regularly occurring cases of fraud, regulators around the world are increasingly devoting their attentions to the risks and opportunities of this new asset class –...