5 March 2020
From bank to platform
As in many areas, digitisation is one of the megatrends in banking. In addition to individual measures such as Robo-Advisory and specific CRM solutions, the core banking system is at the heart of a good digitisation strategy. Michael Dolzer, Chief Operating Officer of Bank Frick, on the challenges of such systems, the consistent focus on...
7 January 2019
Diversity promotes our digital future
As a vocabulary, “diversity” is on everyone’s lips today, but as so often the sound makes the music – so all the more important are the subtle differences and dependencies on other factors that need to be considered if you want to lead a company to success through diversity. Are you familiar with the phrase...
8 October 2018
Pragmatism in the blockchain hype
His priority used to be guest hospitality, but today Michael Dolzer is at the forefront of technological development at Bank Frick. He believes that soon everyone in Liechtenstein will be paying with cryptocurrency. “I’m Head of Business Technologies and Innovation Management,” says Michael Dolzer, introducing himself. Upon seeing the clueless look on my face he...